Solitary angiokeratoma of the tongue.

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Farooq U., Mirzabeigi M., Vincek V. 2005. Solitary angiokeratoma of the tongue. Eur. J. Pediat. Dermatol. 15 (4):233-36.


Farooq U. Mirzabeigi M. Vincek V.
pp. 233-236


Angiokeratoma refers to a rare group of lesions that have a characteristic dermal vascular dilatation, often associated with a number of metabolic disorders. Different forms of angiokeratoma have been described, which share the same histologic features but differ clinically. We report a case of an oral angiokeratoma in a 6 year old boy. This is to our knowledge the fifth case of oral angiokeratoma and the third pediatric case ever described.


Angiokeratoma, Tongue