LEOPARD syndrome.

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Pinto Ribeiro A., Romiti R., Rivitti Machado M.C., Belda W., Prado Oliveira Z.N. 1997. LEOPARD syndrome. Eur. J. Pediat. Dermatol. 7 (3):163-6.


Pinto Ribeiro A. Romiti R. Rivitti Machado M.C. Belda W. Prado Oliveira Z.N.
pp. 163-6


LEOPARD syndrome (LS) is a rare disorder with multisystemic involvement and variable expressivity. The presence of multiple lentigines in infancy is the hallmark of the disease and warrants further investigation. The Authors report a 15-year-old Brazilian girl with LS and further review the main manifestations of the syndrome.


LEOPARD syndrome, Freckles