Evaluation of safety and efficacy of a galenic preparation of 1% propranolol in 89 cases of cutaneous infantile hemangioma.

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Once discovered the effectiveness of oral propranolol on hemangioma, it was natural for the dermatologist to test its topical activity. Topical therapy of infantile hemangioma is indicated for hemangiomas with prevailing superficial component, when it is useful to accelerate their regression. Before the discovery of propranolol topical therapy of hemangioma was based on corticosteroids and more recently on imiquimod, neither devoid of side effects. After the discovery of propranolol topical therapy was based mainly on beta-blockers, in particular on timolol already commercially available for the therapy of glaucoma and propranolol. 89 children with infantile hemangioma were treated with topical 1% propranolol in this study that highlights the safety and efficacy of the treatment. Topical propranolol, for its lower systemic absorption, is to be preferred to timolol.

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