Familial phthiriasis infesting the eyelashes, scalp hair and pubic hair

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pp. 245 - 248


A 3-year-old female presented with a 1 week history of persistent itching of both eyes and an uncontrolled scratching of her upper eyelids. A careful observation revealed a few lice, many translucent eggs and shells at the roots of her eyelashes in both upper eyelids. No hyperemia or secretion was observed on the eyelids or in the conjunctiva of both eyes. Numerous similar lice, eggs and shells were also seen in the scalp hair of the girl as well as in her mother's and maternal grandmother's scalp and pubic area. Pediculosis resulting from crab lice was confirmed microscopically. Chlortetracycline was used for phthiriasis palpebrarum after the removal of lice and nits by fine forceps, crotamiton cream was applied to the pubic lesions after shaving pubic hairs, and phenothrin shampoo and combing was used to treat the scalp pediculosis. At the end of the first week, no lice or nits were present.

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