Jessner’s lymphocytic infiltration of the skin in three siblings.

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Case report. A 36-year-old woman, the third of four siblings, reported the appearance from about five years of not very itchy, arciform lesions of the neckline, starting in May with centrifugal evolution and subsiding in October without any residua, deteriorated by the sun. Two years before a lesion also appeared on the face. The physical examination (Fig. 1, 3) showed erythematous-infiltrative, not scaling, arciform lesions. The inflammatory markers were negative and no autoantibodies were detected. Her two brothers, aged 41 and 43 years respectively, had superimposable history, lesions (Fig. 1, 2, 4) and laboratory examinations. However, the older brother had also lesions on the face and from five years these lesions did not regress in winter although improving. The histological examination of the woman (Fig. 5 and inset) and of her two brothers (Fig. 6, 7) showed similar findings, that is a periadnexal and coat-sleeve-like perivascular lymphocytic infiltrate in the dermis, leading to the final diagnosis of familial Jessner's lymphocytic infiltration of the skin.

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