Topical propranolol in the superficial infantile hemangioma of the skin.

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Topical treatment is indicated only in hemangioma with a prevailing superficial component, especially when it is located on exposed areas. Various topical treatments were used for hemangioma in the past, mainly corticosteroids and imiquimod. When propranolol proved effective on hemangioma, the dermatologist immediately wished to verify its activity for topical use. In this prospective study 47 consecutively observed cases of superficial hemangioma were treated with topical propranolol. In 9 of the 23 cases who completed the study we observed a significant reduction of the hemangioma. Given the good tolerance of the topical medication in the cases treated and the absence of side effects, we believe that the topical use of propranolol may be indicated in some cases of superficial hemangiomas in exposed areas during its period of growth.

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