Childhood bullous pemphigoid.

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A 2 months and half baby girl was first observed due to a bullous eruption lasting 10 days and prevailing on the hands (Fig. 1) and feet (Fig. 2), where the blisters were larger, up to 2 cm, with tense roof. On her trunk and face there were smaller bullous lesions and erosions. The cytodiagnosis examination showed cells of hematic origin. The histological examination showed a dermoepidermal blister. On direct immunofluorescence (IF) there was slight positivity with IgG at the dermoepidermal junction. On indirect IF with group 0 human skin there were linear IgG deposits -titer1:80- at the dermoepidermal junction (DEJ). Indirect IF on group 0 human skin split with NaCl 1M showed linear IgG -titer 1:160- on the epidermal side of the DEJ. The final diagnosis was bullous pemphigoid. Deflazacort 1mg/kg per day led to a rapid regression of the lesion and thus the corticosteroid treatment was withdrawn after 5 months.

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